SmartDrip 3-in-1 Instant Latte

The perfect blend for jitter-free focus

Combining the creamy richness of a traditional latte with the wellness benefits of Reishi and Ginseng, SmartDrip’s Focus Blend promises optimal focus and sustained energy without the usual caffeine jitters.


Often dubbed the "Mushroom of Immortality", Reishi offers a calming aura to your brew. It's a powerhouse adaptogen, known to support immune health and promote calm.


 A revered root in traditional medicine, Ginseng invigorates your coffee, giving you a natural boost. Celebrated for enhancing stamina and mental clarity, it's the secret ingredient for that extended focus.


Free Form, Free Choice. You Created

Regain control & finish any dream look you desire with the barbering electricals of a lifetime.

Jitter-Free Energy

Ditch the usual caffeine shakes. With our latte, enjoy a steady energy lift without the jitters, even if you indulge a few hours before bedtime.

Sustained Mental Focus

Stay sharp for the long haul. Our blend promotes extended focus and ensures you won't crash as it gently wears off.

Creamy Latte Taste

Dive into a robust dark roast, layered with full-bodied flavors of smoke, wheat, and rich chocolate undertones.

Convenient & Quick to Prepare

Every ingredient you desire, in one pack. Raw sugar and non-dairy creamer included. Just pour, mix with 6oz hot water, and savor.

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